10462487_1515268272034912_2195295951658933134_nThe William J. Watkins, Sr. Educational Institute, Inc. is named in honor of Rev. William J. Watkins, Sr. who was an African American religious leader, abolitionist and educator in Baltimore, Maryland during the antebellum era. He operated his own school for African Americans in Baltimore, Watkins Academy, from the 1820s until the 1850s. Rev. Watkins believed that the key to African American survival and advancement was an education rooted in morality and service. In a speech before the American Moral Reform Society in 1832, Rev. Watkins summed up his educational philosophy: Education was the “sine qua non,” that “essential element” that African Americans must have in order to obtain freedom and to advance in American society. Today, the Watkins Educational Institute upholds these same principles. Education is the key to freedom and advancement not just for African Americans but for all people.

We have recruited a team of experienced and well respected leaders in their respective fields to assist in fulfilling our mission to “ensure that ALL children, especially those in under-served and under-resourced communities, receive the BEST education possible.” The Institute is governed by our Board of Directors who have over a century of combined experience in education and community activism.


Dr. Brian C. Morrison (Founder & President)

Anthony Harold (Vice President)

John Robertson (Secretary)

Hakeem Scott (Treasurer)

Abu Jamal (Director)

The Board’s work is informed by the advice of a stellar panel of professionals with a wide range of experience in such fields as organizational development, education, politics and business. These individuals comprise our Board of Advisors who provide the Institute with invaluable support and insight. The members of our Board of Advisors are:


Kareem Aziz

Dr. Jonathan Brice

Eric Carlton

Regina Hartfield

Dr. Cassandra Levine

Barry F. Williams