During the 2015-16 school year, the William J. Watkins, Sr. Educational Institute partnered with Southwest Academy (Baltimore County, MD) to conduct our year long Cultivating a Culturally Responsive Practice teacher training. We worked with a core group of teachers from across a variety of disciplines to assist in their growth as culturally responsive practitioners. The training consisted of a series of workshops providing participants with knowledge of the fundamental elements of culturally responsive pedagogy; individualized feedback on classroom observations on the progress of their development utilizing specialized tools and strategies designed to provide insight into their practice as culturally responsive practitioners; and, quarterly cohort meetings to discuss the successes, challenges and issues raised as the program progressed. Here, Ms. K., one of the participants, shares her reflections on the experience. Click the link below to see her reflections.

Ms. K’s Reflections on Cultivating a Culturally Responsive Practice