The William J. Watkins, Sr. Educational Institute, Inc. developed the following mini-unit on the 2015 Baltimore Uprising in collaboration with the Maryland State Department of Education and The Reginald F. Lewis Maryland Museum of African American History and Culture. We also conducted a one day professional development workshop which included examining the Devin Allen exhibit “Awakening in a New Light,” a community roundtable and introduction of the unit. Teachers throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area participated in the workshop with the goal of taking these resources back to their schools to help students make a contribution to moving the city forward.

The main objective of the unit is for students to investigate, develop and participate in creating solutions to address the issues that created the climate in which the uprisings took place. The lessons in the unit examine the immediate and underlying causes of the unrest, what occurred during the uprising and solutions to the problems that have plagued the city for decades. Feel free to download the lessons here or from the MSDE or Reginald F. Lewis Museum’s website. We hope you find them useful.

Baltimore UprisingĀ LessonĀ 1 – Causes

Baltimore Uprising Lesson 2 – What happened?

Baltimore Uprising Lesson 3 – Solutions