Congratulations to Kayla Fointno, the winner of the inaugural award of the Kamau Imani Parker-Morrison Scholarship competition. Kayla is a senior at North Carolina A&T State University. Kayla will be graduating in December of 2019. She has a 3.52 GPA and is on the Dean’s List. Kayla refers to a teacher she had in the fourth grade, Mrs. Anderson, in her scholarship essay. Mrs. Anderson was a special education teacher that took the time to help her overcome her reading difficulties. She talks about Mrs. Anderson’s commitment, effort and caring as inspiration for her to become a special educator. “Mrs. Anderson . . . saw my potential and advocated for me. She gave me interventions before simply placing me in the system. She closed my academic gaps and took me from not reading on grade level to reading above grade level. Often times when no one else will put forth the effort, special educators are there to pick up the pieces and right the wrongs.”  It is teacher’s like Mrs. Anderson that we at The William J. Watkins, Sr. Educational Institute seek to develop through our Kamau Imani Parker-Morrison Scholarship. We are pleased to support Kayla Fointno on her path to become such a master teacher. Congratulations Kayla!